The Future of Vegetable Processing Machines 

Artificially Intelligent Robotic Machines

  • Removal of 120 heads per minute, 24/7. 

  • Up to 95% yield with 2 operators. 

  • Minimal Waste. 

  • Manufactured to a high standard in 304 / 316 stainless steel. 

  • Lightweight & compact, easy to transport.

  • Impressive ROI. 


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The ExtractaCore® Robotic De-Coring Cell is a high-speed core removal system for all varieties of lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. And yes, you guessed it! It's powered by the latest artificial intelligence technology

This cutting edge technology works by conveying your product towards the cutting point on a continuously moving twin lane bed, in cups specially designed to support the product and avoid pressure point bruising during processing. 

Utilising high speed robotic cutters with intelligent vision which actively seek out and achieve accurate total core removal @ 100 heads per minute, yield is maximised as ONLY the core is removed.


The De-cored product, representing 95% of the product yield, travels onto an inspection conveyor and the extracted ONLY 5% core waste is conveyed away separately. The product and core are totally separated. 

Could this be the machine you've been looking for?

The ExtractaCore® Robotic De-Coring Cell is an essential tool for the commercial processor of fresh cut salad and vegetables. 

It is designed for those who REALLY want to get ahead of their competitors, cut their costs and maximise profit whilst producing the best products on the market. 

Are you ready for it?

Products are processed accurately @100 heads per min, the core is removed without removing any of the surrounding product, so saleable product yield is increased to around 95%* of the overall processed product. 

Another benefit is gained because the waste element is minimised down to 5%*, meaning that waste transportation savings can be seen immediately.

With ExtractaCore® The speed of cut also features in minimising oxidisation and optimising the shelf life of the product. Very little heat is transferred into the crop at time of processing, product deterioration is delayed and vital time is gained for the cooling process. 

Your expected ROI

From the point of cutting the cost of labour and maximising yield.

Average ROI with an ExtractaCore® Lettuce system is 3-6 months. We guarantee your satisfaction! And we know our machine will exceed your expectations! 

We can provide a more accurate estimate based on required through-put.

*(Yield information provided is an average estimate and may differ across production facilities).


Tired of doing this by hand?

Want to speed up the process AND the quality of yield?

Extractacore Machines will revolutionise your de-coring process.

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