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The cutting edge - How you can cut costs and maximise profit when processing vegetables

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Are you currently using hand labour to de-core vegetables?

Did you know, factories that have turned to automation are benefiting exponentially from an increase in product yield, a dramatic increase in through-put per hour and labour cost savings

Before we dive into why automation is better for your business, lets explore why hand labour is still prominent in the processing industry today...

Most processing facilities haven’t been able to fully automate some of the processes required, due to lack of availability of specialised equipment. The move fully away from hand labour and into automation just hasn't been possible

Hand processing lines where roughly 35 operators might de-core 4 to 5 heads per minute has been the norm' until now

Automation makes it possible to save on labour costs and STILL have a higher throughput per hour, with greater accuracy

If we told you that you could replace 35 staff with just one machine that would give you a throughput of 120 de-cored heads per minute and with a 95%+ product yield, would you think we were crazy?

This is exactly what you can achieve with Extractacore

Automated processing is designed to replace hand labour in either: repetitive tasks where speed and consistency is required, or a task that is unable to be performed by hand

Hand labour may be favoured over the mechanisation of a processing line due partly to hesitation in financial outlay

But what if we told you Extractacore could guarantee a rapid return on your investment*?

How do Extractacore De-coring Machines work:

Extractacore systems come in single lane & twin lane options. Crop is conveyed to the cutting point in ‘cups’ designed to prevent pressure point bruising.

The system can be operated by 1 - 2 operators and the crop is processed at 110 -120 heads per min

System Benefits of Extractacore De-coring Machines in Vegetable Procesing:

The accuracy of Extractacore provides a 95%+ yield. This means there is only 5% waste

Our systems are built using 304L/316L stainless steel, they are designed for longevity but also for clean room hygiene standards

Extractacore only requires 2 operators, helping to further eliminate cross-contamination - which can be an important risk factor with manual processing

In today’s current climate of social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions on various businesses and working policies, our machines are ready and waiting to save your factory from staffing problems

Additionally, the consideration of shelf life extension ? Due to the speed of cut with our systems, there is minimal oxidation during processing and vital cooling time can be gained in the processing chain

The final benefits we’ll bring to your attention… the lightweight and compact design Extractacore is easily transportable for your seasonal processing needs..........

Extractacore machines have a small footprint so you can scale up your processing plant’s productivity without extending your plant

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Extractacore Robotic Cell
Extractacore Robotic Cell

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