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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Is your processing factory currently using hand labour to de-core your vegetables?

Don’t worry, many still are.

But did you know those factories that have upgraded to mechanical machines, like ours (click here to see our range)… are benefiting exponentially from an increase in a more accurate product yield, a dramatic increase in throughput per hour, whilst also profiting from saving costs on manual labour, having a reliable 24/7 mechanical workforce to hand AND giving a longer shelf-life to products.

In short, a mechanical machine quite literally means, your money goes further, for longer and produces better end results.

Before we dive into why mechanical machines are better for your business, I guess you could say we are a little biased (but not without a justified cause and evidence), lets first explore why hand labour is still prominent in processing factories today...

Well, let’s face it, most factory plant owners haven’t thought about mechanical machines doing the work and if they have, they might not have made the decision to switch to mechanical machines, just yet.

Any factory operating and maintaining a conveyor belt and roughly 35 operators to each belt, de-coring approximately 3 to 5 vegetable heads per minute per person.. is quite simply, behind the times.

In a world where time is money, doesn’t it make more sense to save on labour costs and STILL have a higher throughput per hour, with accuracy that even the most meticulous detail orientated individual would never be able to achieve even 1/8th of the results, in 4 times the amount of time?

Whoever is out there reading this, if we told you that you could replace 35 staff with just one machine that would give you a throughput of 120 de-cored heads per minute and with a 95% product yield, would you think we were crazy?

Rest assured, we are not. This is 100% true. In fact this is exactly what Extractacore machines offer to our clients and the results are astonishing, and here’s how:

Mechanical processing is designed to replace hand labour in either: repetitive tasks where speed and consistency is required, or a task that is unable to be performed by hand.

In some instances, hand labour is favoured over the mechanisation of a processing line due partly to financial restrictions or perhaps politics within the facility.

But what if we told you Extractacore could guarantee a 6 month return on your investment*? Would you believe us? Because you can bet on it that this is exactly the guarantee we offer to our clients and not one has been disappointed.

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How do Extractacore De-coring Machines work:

Our mechanical machines run with a twin lane conveyor belt consisting of precisely placed ‘cups’ that the lettuce, cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower is placed into, core side up. This Machine can be operated by 1 or 2 personnel depending on the variable speed setting and the anticipated hourly throughput.

As the speed setting is variable, the rate at which the conveyor moves and the de-coring blades slice down, can be adjusted accordingly. This means that our machines can be slowed to a comfortable operating ‘feeding’ speed to ensure there are no empty cups. Although even operated at the maximum speed of 120 heads per minute with 2 operators is a comfortable speed for the reloading of cups to take place.

System Benefits of Extractacore De-coring Machines in Vegetable Procesing:

Aside from being guaranteed a 6 month ROI* (*based on throughout and product requirement - please contact us [hyperlink] for your personalised quote) and also aside from saving enormous costs on having a large hand laboured workforce.

The accuracy provided with our machines is at 95% yield and this is currently unrivalled in today’s market. This means there is only 5% waste when loading the heads into the cups correctly in a central placement and core side up.

Our machines are built using the highest food grade stainless steel which means they are not only designed for longevity but also specifically for hygiene standards. We have machines still in operation after 20 years without any downtime.

Speaking of hygiene standards… Our machines only require 2 operators that means cross-contamination has been (almost) eliminated. Cross contamination through illness or foreign bodies are always a risk with manual handling. But what about instead of 35 people touching the food, there were only 2 people? Doesn’t that sound like it’s saving a whole host of hassle and risk for your consumers and your business?

In today’s current climate of social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions on various businesses and working policies, our machines are ready and waiting to save your factory from limiting staffing numbers, or worse, closing.

If this hasn’t swayed your decision making the switch to mechanical vegetable processing machines, then what about taking into consideration a shelf life extension of your products? Due to the speed in which our machines operate, there is minimal oxidation during processing and because the product is out of a warm hand there is less heat transference too.

The final benefits we’ll bring to your attention… there’s many more but we’re keeping this short and sweet… is the lightweight and compact design. Extractacore machines are so lightweight you can literally pick them up with a forklift and move them wherever you want, even across states to a warmer climate.

Extractacore machines are also designed to be compact so you can scale up your processing plant’s productivity without extending your plant. Clever, hey?

The reason we are able to offer our clients these benefits is because, like every business idea that starts somewhere, the heart and sole of ExtractaCore was once a processor too. Our Director found the problems within the vegetable processing industry and set about eradicating these problems for future processing plants to come.

Ergo, these machines are tried, tested, result delivering and problem solving. If you haven’t called us yet just to see how much benefit ExtractaCore’s machines can add to your processing factory, then what are you waiting for?

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