Looking for future-proof minimal contact processing? Need to combat high labour costs? Cross contamination & Food waste?

Experience the Future with Extractacore


Claim your position Ahead of the game
with a new and exciting robotic future

We create rapid robotic processing systems for Lettuce & Cabbage, Broccoli & Cauliflower


Our systems can process faster, cut cleaner - increase yield and minimise waste

Equipped with Intelligent vision & high-speed robotics, our technology is your route to increased yield


ExtractaCore will put you ahead of the competition 

 Extractacore offers a variety of options, to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for 

extractacore robotic cell
Extractacore cabbage

Robotic Cells

The Future of Vegetable Processing

Mechanical Machines

Scale Up your Production today

ExtractaCore is leading the way in Robotic vegetable processing


Reasons to choose ExtractaCore 


Core 110 - 120 heads per minute. The fastest on the market


Minimal Waste & Maximum yield. High out-put and uniformity is easy


Manufactured to the highest standard in 304L/ 316L stainless steel


Lightweight & compact, easy to transport


We can guarantee a rapid return on your investment*
*subject to adequate throughput for viability Processing @100 per minute


robot automation
Extractacore in Action

Extractacore in Action


High speed cutters achieve accurate total core removal 
minimise oxidisation & microbial spoilage

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